Why Amy's online search for love worked

Published 7:21 PM ET, Fri January 18, 2013
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Amy and her husband, Brian, have coffee in Baltimore. Her algorithm helped pinpoint their shared interests, which don't include sports! Courtesy Amy Webb
Brian and Amy share the same attitude toward work, she said. "Work always comes first, and we're supportive of each other in that way," she said. Courtesy Amy Webb
Brian proposes in Petra, Jordan. Amy and Brian enjoy traveling at an intense pace, she said. "We exhaust ourselves seeing everything we can in a short amount of time, and we try to explore at least one new country a year." courtesy amy webb
Amy and Brian get married at the Engineers Club in Baltimore. "We have the same exact viewpoint on religion," Amy said, "We're Jew...ish." Courtesy Amy Webb
"Brian understands my family and I understand his," Amy said. "We share the right cultural context." Courtesy Amy Webb