A century of inauguration fashion

Updated 4:56 PM ET, Thu January 17, 2013
A century of inauguration fashionA century of inauguration fashion
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Michelle Obama's Jason Wu inaugural ball gown helped put both the first lady and the fashion designer on fashion "it" lists. Click through to see styles from the last 100 years of inauguration fashion. Saul Loeb/getty images
Top hats and overcoats were the appropriate garb for Woodrow Wilson's chilly 1913 inauguration. Here, Wilson, left, stands with outgoing President Howard Taft. library of congress
President Woodrow Wilson rides by carriage with wife Edith to his second inauguration on March 5, 1917. library of congress
From left, President Warren Harding and his wife Florence arrive at Union Station, with Grace Coolidge and then-Vice President Calvin Coolidge for the 1921 inauguration. library of congress
Calvin Coolidge and wife Grace travel on Inauguration Day 1923. national archives
Herbert and Lou Hoover at President Hoover's 1929 inauguration. library of congress
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt ride during his third presidential inauguration in 1941. national archives
Bess and President Harry Truman at his inaugural reception in 1949. national archives
Mamie and President-elect Dwight Eisenhower leave church on the morning of his inauguration in 1953. national archives
President John F. Kennedy arrives with wife Jacqueline for an inaugural ball in 1961. national archives
Lady Bird Johnson poses for a portrait before President Lyndon Johnson's inaugural ball in 1965. Getty Images
Pat and President Richard Nixon dance during a ball commemorating his second inauguration in 1973. national archives
First lady Rosalynn Carter and daughter Amy attend President Jimmy Carter's inaugural ball in 1977. national archives
President Ronald Reagan poses with wife Nancy for an inaugural family photo in 1981. national archives
President and Nancy Reagan at the Hollywood-star-studded gala for his second inauguration in 1985. national archives
The dress Barbara Bush wore to George H.W. Bush's presidential inaugural ball in 1989 displayed in the Smithsonian Museum of American History. jewel samad/getty images
President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton dance during the 1993 Arkansas Inaugural Ball. david ake/getty images
President and Hillary Clinton attend a second term inaugural ball. luke frazza/getty images
Laura and President George W. Bush attend one of nine inaugural balls in 2001. Getty Images
Laura Bush, right, with daughters Barbara, left, and Jenna, center, at the Constitutional Inaugural Ball celebrating President George W. Bush's second term in 2005. paul j. richards/getty images
President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama wave to the crowd at the 2009 inaugural parade. Getty Images