Photos: Denizens of the Deep

Updated 10:56 PM ET, Tue January 15, 2013
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Precuthona are a very small nudibranch variety (less than two in. in length) and live in the shallow waters of the tidal zone to 100 ft deep. See the complete gallery on
The Phyllodoce Citrina is avery active polychaeta that averaging nine in. in length ALEXANDER SEMENOV
Clione Limacina, or Sea Angel, is an excellent swimmer and dangerous predator, feeding exclusively on another pteropod mollusk , the Sea Butterfly. It is found for only a few weeks in the White Sea before disappearing for the remainder of the year. ALEXANDER SEMENOV
This image of a Alitta Virens' head displays its four eyes, antennae and sensory papillae. However, unseen are two sharp jaws that take up one-third of the 15 in. body length. ALEXANDER SEMENOV
The Coryphella Polaris is one of the most rare and most beautiful specimens found in the White Sea. ALEXANDER SEMENOV
The Lepidonotus Squamatus has the ability to glow. ALEXANDER SEMENOV