Filling out forms less of a chore with app

Updated 2:29 PM ET, Wed January 16, 2013
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Tonic Health, maker of the health care tablet app, was co-founded by Sterling Lanier and Boris Glantz 2½ years ago. Before Tonic, Lanier was the head of a market research firm. Tonic Health
Patients often get frustrated when they fill out medical histories at a doctor's office, only to find out the information can't be accessed at the hospital, UCLA's Dr. Eric Esrailian says. "The vision we have in health care ... is to minimize the amount of burden and time it takes for patients to just get to the point of being cared for," he says. Tonic Health
The Tonic tablet has interactive features to overcome language and literacy barriers. For instance, it uses a birthday cake slider to ask for patients' ages. Tonic Health
Tonic asks about patients' behavior such as eating and exercise habits as well as alcohol and drug use. Tonic Health
The app lets patients rate their pain on a scale of happy green to angry red. Tonic Health
Tonic's real-time risk assessment gives doctors a heads-up on certain medical issues they may want to discuss with patients. Tonic Health
The Tonic app also offers clinical trial screening and patient satisfaction surveys. The app platform is flexible, Lanier says, so clinics can customize it to fit their questions and needs. Tonic Health