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[Updated 4:30 p.m. Monday, January 14] Supporters of religious leader Tahir ul Qadri head toward the Pakistani capital of Islamabad on Monday to protest the country's political system.
Thousands of people are planning to call for reforms to clean up national politics, which have long been criticized as corrupt. Elections will be held later this year.
"We want change in the establishment and we want to save our country," said a man who sold his bicycle so he could afford to attend the rally, according to CNN affiliate GEO TV.
Qadri, the Muslim cleric leading the demonstrators, returned to Pakistan last month after living in Canada for eight years. He has called for a caretaker administration to replace the current government and carry out election reforms.
In 2010, Qadri gained worldwide attention when he declared a fatwa, or religious ruling, on terrorism and said it "cannot be permissible in Islam." Some have suggested that he is working on behalf of the military, noting his time as a lawmaker under Gen. Pervez Musharraf's regime in the early 2000s. But Qadri denies the allegations, saying he is simply seeking to ensure a corruption-free electoral process.
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