Flu survival kits

Updated 1:53 PM ET, Tue January 15, 2013
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James Preston of Chewton Mendip, England, is hunkering down as he battles what he calls the worst stage of his "man-flu." His flu survival kit consists of a variety of home remedies, medicine and snacks, such as apple juice, cough drops and French bread for his soup. Courtesy James Preston
Christen Lassiter from Miami says says she couldn't keep any food down when she had the flu, so she started taking the items that are in her flu survival kit, such as chicken soup and tea with garlic. Courtesy Christen Lassiter
"I'm regretting not getting the flu shot this year," said Jaspreet Sangha from San Jose, California. She says she is holding strong with her flu survival kit, which is comprised of cough syrup, vapor rub, vitamin C, Starbucks coffee, Asian ginger tea and a variety of medications. Courtesy Jaspreet Sangha
Registered nurse Malcolm Chavez from Saskatchewan, Canada, is trying to recover from the flu. He is taking cold and flu medications, cough suppressants, vitamins B and C, and hot lemon drink from his flu survival kit. He also advocates gargling twice a day with lukewarm salt water. Courtesy Malcolm Chavez
Rachel James, a nurse in Bethlehem, Philadelphia, says she not only has the flu, but a terribly painful sore throat as well. Her flu survival kit is made up of variety of medications, disinfectants, water and soups, and she says frozen Slurpees are soothing her throat. Courtesy Rachel James
Terry Saffold, a college student in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, says he's battling the flu with water, tea, throat spray and healthy, light food. Courtesy Terry Saffold
Eric Madsen of Cliffside Park, New Jersey, is trying his best to not catch the flu. He's taking preventative measures such as staying hydrated, taking extra vitamins and using disinfectants. Courtesy Eric Madsen
Las Vegas junior high teacher Amanda Hanson is out with the flu. She says water, medicine and long hours of watching movies on Netflix are helping her recover. Courtesy Amanda Hanson
Jaclyn Kunz from East Rockaway, New York, never had the flu until this year. But now that she is sick, she says cough drops, sports drinks, a variety of cold and flu medications and "bad television" are helping her get through her flu. Courtesy Jaclyn Kunz