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Members of Quetta's Shiite community are protesting the bombing deaths of 97 people last week by lining up victims' bodies at major intersections, police said Sunday.
An acrid blanket of gray shrouded the Chinese capital for a third day Sunday, leading to a rare smog warning as the index hit record levels. Data show air quality index soared past the highest level of 500
Italy-Cruise-Ship-Anniversary (Will update as merits)
The Costa Concordia, a half-submerged carcass of a cruise liner, still sits in the harbor where it ran aground. It looks out of place amid the calm blue waters, which belie the chaos of a year ago. One year ago Sunday, the luxury liner struck rocks and turned on its side off the Italian island of Giglio, killing 32 people.
Chris Berkey makes his living plying the often treacherous waters of the Great Lakes, delivering staples like cement to industries nestled in the myriad harbors that dot America's longest coastline. It's not glamorous work, but it is critical to the economy. And it's getting harder. Water levels in Lake Michigan and Lake fell to record low levels for December, and are expected to break the all-time low sometime in the next few months. Cargo ships like Burkeys' are being forced to lighten their loads, some harbors have already been forced to close and the tourist trade is bracing for an impact as well. "In years past, there was always a buffer," he said. "That buffer's gone."
Evangelical organizations, many of whom who have worked on immigration reform for decades, are betting that 2013 is the best opportunity they have ever seen to get meaningful reforms passed. Proof of their confidence: a coalition of these groups is launching what many are calling the "largest evangelical grassroots push" ever on immigration.
A roadside bomb struck an army convoy in northwest Pakistan, killing 14 soldiers and wounding 25 others Sunday, officials said.
Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who is serving a life sentence for ordering the deaths of peaceful protesters during the revolution that eventually deposed him, will get a new trial.
In an incident eerily similar to a sexual assault that sent shock waves worldwide, Indian police say a woman was gang-raped over the weekend by seven men after she boarded a bus at night.
Hundreds of Israeli police swarmed a makeshift Palestinian protest camp pre-dawn Sunday and arrested activists, an operation that marked the latest saga in the bitter back-and-forth over Israel's settlement activity in the West Bank.
A Tibetan man protesting China's rule of the region set himself on fire Saturday, his death believed to be the first case of self-immolation this year -- but one that adds to a grim, growing toll.
From the recovery of an ailing iconic leader, to an international military intervention in a nation described as the next Afghanistan, the big Africa stories of the week will echo in the continent and beyond.
Workers cleaning a cannon last fired more than 200 years ago were shocked to find Friday that it was still loaded with gunpowder and a cannonball.
Let the games begin -- finally. The National Hockey League season will officially get under way Saturday, three months later than scheduled, the league announced on its website.
Residents of large swaths of central and Southern California and Arizona shivered Saturday as plummeting temperatures prompted freeze warnings. In Atlanta, meanwhile, shorts-wearing residents basked in the balmy weather as it and two other major Georgia cities set record highs for this date.