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Obama Cabinet possibilities

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4 - Secretaries in President George Washington's Cabinet: state, treasury, war, and attorney general

4 - Women in Obama's first-term Cabinet

2 - Number of Latinos in President Obama's first-term Cabinet

5 - Secretaries of the treasury appointed by President Andrew Jackson

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President Barack Obama is preparing for his second-term Inauguration and with that comes the inevitable Cabinet shake-up.

Here’s a look at presidential Cabinets, by the numbers:

4 - Secretaries in President George Washington’s Cabinet: state, treasury, war, and attorney general.

16 - Members of the Cabinet today, including the vice president and heads of 15 executive agencies.

4 - Women in Obama’s first-term Cabinet.

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At least 3 - Cabinet members officially staying on for Obama’s second term: Attorney General Eric Holder, Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki.

4 - Cabinet positions so far in which Obama already has or is expected to nominate a second-term replacement: state, defense, treasury and labor.

4th - Cabinet line of succession to the presidency. The secretary of state is behind the vice president, the House speaker, and the Senate president pro tempore.

2 - Members of President Ronald Reagan’s Cabinet who remained in office during both of his two terms: Vice President George H. W. Bush and Housing Secretary Samuel Pierce. There was turnover in every other position.

1966 - Year the first African-American appointed to a Cabinet: Housing Secretary Robert C. Weaver, who served under President Lyndon Johnson from 1966 until 1968.

6 - Secretaries of state who later became president: Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Martin Van Buren, and James Buchanan.

1933 - Year the first woman appointed to a Cabinet - Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins, who served under Franklin Roosevelt from 1933 until 1945.

16 - Years served by Agriculture Secretary James Wilson, from 1897 until 1913. He reported to three presidents: William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft.

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2 - Number of Latinos in President Barack Obama’s first-term Cabinet: Labor Secretary Hilda Solis and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

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85 - ‘Yea’ votes in the Senate in January 2005 to select Condoleezza Rice as the first African-American woman and first Republican woman secretary of state.

5 - Secretaries of the treasury appointed by President Andrew Jackson during his two terms in office. He appointed four secretaries of state.