Photos: New gadgets unveiled at CES

Updated 1:23 PM ET, Tue January 15, 2013
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The world's smallest electric wheels, seen here on Wednesday, January 9, made by SPNKIX, go 10 miles per hour for seven miles and sell for $699. Over the years CES, under way this week in Las Vegas, has introduced such game-changing inventions as the Xbox and the Blu-ray player. What gadgets will make a splash this year? Here's a look at some of the more noteworthy ones. zoran milich for cnn
This Orbit toy helicopter from Puzzlebox is controlled via brain waves. The user wears a headset which detects brain electrical activity and wirelessly transmits it to the helicopter, making it fly. The Orbit sells for $189. zoran milich for cnn
A model demonstrates the DryWired coating that protects devices from liquid exposure during the second day of the Consumer Electronics Show on Wednesday, January 9. zoran milich for cnn
Intellect Motion shows off its GameCube on Wednesday, January 9. The system allows players to control a game using sensors that detect gravitational effects on the human body. zoran milich for CNN
ECOVACS Winbot uses suction to attach itself to and clean the inside and outside of windows. zoran milich for CNN
A man dressed in a full body suit wears headphones by MTX Audio. Zoran Milich for CNN
Movable television screens by Vutec sit in wooden picture frames and allow digital artwork to cover the screen when the TV is not being watched. Prices reach up to several thousand dollars, depending on size. Zoran Milich for CNN
Boo, billed as "the world's cutest dog," is depicted on furry headphones and iPhone cases made by Audio Technology of New York. They will be available in stores in six weeks. Zoran Milich for CNN
People who wanted to demo Nikon's new cameras Tuesday could snap photos of these dancers at the Nikon booth. Zoran Milich for CNN
Edifier makes this Art Deco-styled multimedia speaker system. No price was announced. Zoran Milich for CNN
CES attendees enjoy the EP MA70 full-body heated massage chair by Panasonic. The chair sells for about $7,000. Zoran Milich for CNN
The Shell Shoxx system by Earthquake Sound Corp. creates synced vibrations in any chair to enhance your enjoyment of playing video games. It retails for about $350. Zoran Milich for CNN
Wavien shows off its latest super-bright flashlight, the upgraded Night Navigator. It sells for $499. Zoran Milich for CNN
Sound Logic makes this rubber wireless speaker cone that connects via Bluetooth. Zoran Milich for CNN
No more annoying waiters! Moneual makes this interactive restaurant tabletop, called Touch Table PC, which would enable customers to browse menus, order food and pay directly from the table. Zoran Milich for CNN
Radocubo, a low-tech but stylish AM/FM radio, features an original design from Italy that has been displayed in modern art museums. The radio, made by Brionvega, is so far sold only in Europe and China. Zoran Milich for CNN
Wealthy audiophiles will love these high-end, expensive IE 800 ceramic earphones by Sennheiser. They'll set you back a cool $1,000. Zoran Milich for CNN