Hordes, hype and glowing screens: Scenes from CES

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  • The Consumer Electronics Show is underway this week in Las Vegas
  • The massive trade show attracts some 150,000 attendees
  • CES is a showcase for tech companies and startups alike to unveil new gadgets
When 150,000 industry execs, entrepreneurs, salespeople, celebrities, publicists, tech reporters and hangers-on gather here for the annual Consumer Electronics Show, it's a five-day carnival -- even by Las Vegas standards.
Glowing screens flash everywhere. Long lines greet attendees in conference rooms, at taxi stands and at Starbucks. Crowds of laptop-toting journalists fight over precious power outlets.
And through it all, the drumbeat of hype swells and falls as new products are anticipated and unveiled.
CES, the trade show that introduced the world to the VCR, the Xbox and the plasma TV, has lost some of its luster in recent years, but it's still one of the largest showcases for new gadgets and tech trends.
CES: Ingenious innovation
CES: Ingenious innovation


    CES: Ingenious innovation


CES: Ingenious innovation 02:54
Photographer Zoran Milich is wandering the halls of CES to capture its colorful sights for CNN. We'll be updating this gallery with new images throughout the week.