Photos: Readers weigh in on the best rappers

Updated 2:05 PM ET, Tue January 8, 2013
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Our story which touched on rapper Nas being possibly hip-hop's finest MC brought a lot of responses from readers, quite a few who disagreed. Here are a few of the comments. Lisa Lake/Getty Images for Heineken
"2Pac is the greatest rapper in history. His songs actually meant something...and continue to mean something. 2Pac had more talent than any 10 rappers mentioned in this article combined." - Turdferguson Getty Images
"No Chuck D? Mos Def? Black Thought? Any discussion of rap's best lyricists has to include them." - sporty1 Jason Kempin/Getty Images
"You have GOT to be kidding me. Rakim is literally your favorite rapper's favorite rapper. He IS the reason for multisyllabic rhyming. Eminem pays homage to him. Jay-Z pays homage to him. 50 Cent pays homage to him. And so on and so forth." - Maroonsista AtTwitter Jason Kempin/Getty Images
"Are you serious...Nas is good but not the best lyricist. Hands down Eminem takes the crown, and also has been holding it since 2000. Everything else is junk. Hip Hop is dead as far as I'm concerned." - shaunforreal Kevin Winter/Getty Images
"You make the distinction between lyricist and hip hop artist, but then only qualify "hip hop artist" as making hits. Jay-Z is a much better hip hop artist than Nas but it goes beyond making hits. Although his lyrics may not be as good at all points, his understanding of song structure, in the lyrical sense, is much better. In my opinion, Jay-Z is more of an artist, while Nas is more of a poet." - Wes Jackson Getty Images
"If the conversation doesn't start with KRS1 as one of the greatest lyricist ever, this article isn't even worth reading!" - William Thornton Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images
"Seriously!! The mighty Mos Def is a lyrical genius. The author(s) did a decent job with this article but they lost credibility by omitting Mos Def!" - SugaShaft Christopher Polk/Getty Images
"Black Thought is a lyrical beast. Rap has simply had a ton of talent in 20 years and I'm ignoring like all of the 2000s. lol." - DiamondDNice Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images
"What about Talib Kweli? As the article stated, even Jay-Z admits to his lyrical ability. He's never been huge in mainstream rap, but the guy is unbelievable on the mic. And his message is positive as well." - Turdferguson Mike Lawrie/Getty Images