Life when fleeing everything

Updated 2:07 PM ET, Mon January 7, 2013
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In the Bab al-Salam camp on the Syrian-Turkish border, Syrian refugees try to carry on their lives through the bitter winter. Muhammad Zafir, 13, steps inside the hole he dug with two of his friends: a bomb shelter they have made for children. Joe Duran/CNN
Nour, 8, from the town of Azaz, arrived a few days ago at the refugee camp. Joe Duran/CNN
Abo Ahmad lit up plastics for warmth with his child. Joe Duran/CNN
Muhammad Yousef, 14, holds his 1-year-old sister, Rama, as he heats water for his mother to wash clothes. Joe Duran/CNN
Syrian refugees number about 200 families and growing in this camp, huddled around plastic tents that work as temporary shelter during summer but will do little to protect them from the frost of winter. Joe Duran/CNN
A general view of the Bab al-Salam refugee camp on the Syrian-Turkish border on Tuesday, January 1. Turkey, which supports the insurgency, is housing about 150,000 Syrian refugees at camps near the border. -/AFP/Getty Images
A Syrian family erects their tent at the Bab al-Salam refugee camp January 1. -/AFP/Getty Images
A woman stands at the entrance of her family's living area in a refugee camp named Container City on the Turkish-Syrian border, near Oncupinar in Turkey's Kilis province, on Monday, December 24. REUTERS /UMIT BEKTAS /LANDOV
A man whiles away the time in Container City on December 24. REUTERS /UMIT BEKTAS /LANDOV