Red Cross: Grenade blast at Kenya refugee camp kills 2

Story highlights

  • Five are injured in an explosion in Dagahaley refugee camp
  • The blast hits a cafe used by local residents, the Red Cross says
  • The injured suffer multiple shrapnel wounds
  • Refugee camps in Dadaab host more than 470,000 people, United Nations says
A grenade blast at a cafe in a refugee camp in Kenya killed two people and left five others wounded, the Kenyan Red Cross said Saturday.
The explosion occurred Friday evening at a cafe in Dagahaley refugee camp in Dadaab, the Kenya Red Cross said in a statement on its Facebook page.
The injured, who suffered multiple shrapnel wounds, are being treated at a nearby hospital run by Doctors Without Borders, it said.
Red Cross emergency workers also helped at the scene.
The cafe is usually visited by locals who gather there to chew khat, a herbal stimulant, the statement said.
Dadaab, a town near Kenya's border with Somalia, hosts a refugee camp complex that is home to more than 470,000 people, according to the United Nations.