2012's TV lessons for 2013

We hope showrunners are taking notes on "The Walking Dead's" approach to horror and "Homeland's" political suspense.

Story highlights

  • There was an abundance of well-done TV in 2012
  • From the mix of shows, there are seven themes we'd like to see continue
  • Those include more intrigue and a focus on talent and individuality
You don't have to be an avid fan to acknowledge that 2012 offered some great TV.
Putting aside the national reality show that was the presidential election, there was escalating excellence on "Sons of Anarchy," "The Walking Dead" and "Parks and Recreation." There was the birth of "Girls," "House of Lies," "Veep" and "Luck" (RIP) and the redemption of "Dexter." For every hour of uncomfortably bad scripted or unscripted programming, there was something thought-provoking or, at the very least, entertaining.
We can only hope this trend continues as we look ahead to 2013. So if we could whisper a few of the lessons we've learned from TV this year into the ears of showrunners, here's what we'd say:
1. Keep the intrigue coming<