History of Columbia Records

Updated 2:13 PM ET, Thu January 3, 2013
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Advertisement for Columbia Graphophone Courtesy Sony Music Archives
Sheet music for Stars and Stripes Courtesy Sony Music Archives
Laughing Song sheet music featuring George W. Johnson. Courtesy Sony Music Archives
Advertisement for Rosa Ponselle, world-famous Metropolitan Opera Company artist. Courtesy Sony Music Archives
The best selling jazz record of all time, Miles Davis's "Kind of Blue" album from 1959. It has reportedly sold over 20 million copies. Courtesy Sony Music Archives
Miles Davis and arranger Gil Evans. Courtesy Vernon L. Smith
Johnny Cash at his 1968 Folsom Prison concert. Courtesy Jim Marshall Photography LLC
Janis Joplin Courtesy Jim Marshall Photography LLC
Seattle's Alice in Chains, a rock band associated with the city's "grunge" movement, was one of the most successful bands of the 1990s selling more than 25 million albums. Courtesy Rocky Schenck
Lauryn Hill Courtesy Marc Baptiste