Utah Shooting Sports Council Chairman Clark Aposhian & Teacher Kasey Hansen on free shooting lessons for Utah teachers

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    Utah teachers learn to shoot


Utah teachers learn to shoot 03:06

It's been two weeks since a gunman broke into Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed 26 teachers and students. The nation continues to mourn, and since then, there's been an ongoing debate about how to prevent another tragedy from happening. Some have even suggested arming teachers to combat violence in schools.

Teachers in West Valley City, Utah are taking this suggestion seriously. They were being taught how to properly handle a gun, among other lessons, in a six-hour seminar yesterday. The course was free and made possible by Clark Aposhian. Aposhian is the Chairman of the Utah Shooting Sports Council and has trained teachers how to use guns in Utah in the past. Kasey Hansen is a special education teacher who trained to use a gun at Clark's class. They both join “Starting Point” live from Salt Lake City with more.