Best-selling author Dennis Lehane offers unusual reward for lost dog

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exp point lehane missing dog_00031923


    Author's unique reward for missing dog


Author's unique reward for missing dog 03:48

Dennis Lehane, best-selling author of "Gone Baby Gone" and "Mystic River," is at a loss. Lehane's black and tan beagle, Tessa, jumped a fence and disappeared on Christmas Eve in Brookline, Massachusetts. But the crime novelist hasn't given up. Lehane is offering an unusual reward for anyone who finds his dog: the opportunity to be named as a character in his next book.

"I put up a little note on my Facebook page and said if anybody gets information that leads to her coming home - I just thought instead of putting a reward, put something different - I'll name a character in a book after you," Lehane explains on "Starting Point."
To those joining the hunt for Tessa, Lehane says, "She is super fast. She's very, very sweet but she's also wary. She was a rescue dog, taken off the streets so she's going to be a little wary, skittish, so don't chase her. And if you see her, contact any of the numbers that have been left or any of the web sites, and we will get the proper authorities out to find her."