04:08 - Source: CNN
Home has 65,000 Christmas lights

Christmas is typically a festive time when many of us decorate our houses with lights, wreaths, inflatable Santas and more. But there’s always that house that takes it a little too far. One woman’s display in Fountain Valley, California features 65,000 lights! The display cost $50,000 and took a month to install. And it has since sparked controversy among her neighbors. But it’s in tribute to a man who died of cancer. This morning, we’re joined by the Jan Stewart, the woman who owns the house and put up the display.

Stewart says she put up the lights in tribute to her late husband, Larry. “We had been looking at these lights for quite a while on the Internet; decided last year was the year that we were gonna do it,” Stewart says. “Unfortunately, he passed away in May. So, I decided to do it in his honor and this is the second year.”

The sentiment is not lost on everybody but some neighbors have complained and consider it a bit of a nuisance. “It’s only for another week or so and the display will be gone,” Stewart says. “I just don’t understand their attitude.” Stewart plans on doing it again next year.