3 foreigners kidnapped in Yemen's capital, sources say

Map: Sanaa, Yemen

Story highlights

  • The incident occurs in a crowded, well-known tourist area
  • The people are kidnapped when they leave an electronics shop
  • Security forces at checkpoints around the city are on high alert
Three foreigners were kidnapped in Yemen's capital Friday, two Interior Ministry officials told CNN.
The incident occurred in the center of Sanaa, in Tahrir Square, a crowded and well-known tourist destination.
Three gunmen and one driver were waiting for the foreigners to leave an electronics shop. As they come out, the gunmen forced them into a four-wheel-drive vehicle and fled.
The foreigners didn't appear to be tourists.
"As of now, the government does not know who stands behind the kidnapping, but is doing all in its ability to set them free," one of the officials said.
The foreigners' whereabouts are unknown. Security forces at checkpoints surrounding the city are on high alert.
The officials were not authorized to talk to the media. The Interior Ministry refused to officially comment on the kidnapping when contacted by CNN.