Lightbulb babies and fairytale castles: Your Christmas traditions


Story highlights

CNN asked people to send images of Christmas celebrations where they live

iReporters sent in the best shots from as far afield as Colombia, the Philippines and China

Some of the most intriguing featured light displays, markets, parades and religious services

CNN —  

Christmas is synonymous with colorful decorations, festive markets and extravagant quantities of food.

But while most yuletide celebrations share these general characteristics, there are of course a host of distinctive traditions and regional variations depending on where you are in the world.

That’s why CNN asked you to show us exactly how Christmas is celebrated where you live. From the Philippines to Germany to Colombia and even the Pacific island of Tonga, we received over 400 wonderfully vivid submissions.

Christmas would obviously not be Christmas without Santa Claus, or Father Christmas, or Pere Noel. Whatever the name, his popularity among children (and many adults) is perennial.

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