The unsung heroes of medicine

This holiday, consider thanking the unsung heroes at your hospital -- not just doctors and nurses.

Story highlights

  • Most don't realize how many people it takes to save a life
  • In trauma cases, more than 20 people may be involved
  • Phlebotomists, radiology technicians and others deserve recognition
I once had a doctor tell me, "Physicians get all the glory and all the money."
While that's not necessarily true -- nurses get quite a bit of recognition in health care -- most people don't realize just how many people it takes to save a life.
I was struck by this one night as a resident on the trauma service. Here's how I recall it:
The double doors to the emergency room slam open. A pair of emergency medical technicians (EMTs) wheel in a young man on a gurney.
"Eighteen-year-old male named John, involved in head-on collision. Brief loss of consciousness. He complains of chest and abdominal pain."