This week on Marketplace Middle East: 20 December

Story highlights

  • MME finds out whether eased restrictions have helped Gaza's beleaguered fishermen
  • Facetime: with Michael Kowalski, CEO of luxury jewelry giant Tiffany and Co.
  • He tells how he's looking to the Middle East to boost he companies prospects
IN FOCUS: Gaza Fishing Woes
Fishermen face many challenges when out at sea, from high seas to severe weather. But for many fishermen from Gaza, the troubles don't stop there. The Israeli navy strictly enforces how far out the fishing boats are allowed to venture, but could a recent ease of restrictions help? MME found out.
FACETIME: Michael Kowalski, CEO, Tiffany & Co.
As the holiday season approaches, luxury jewelry giant Tiffany and Co. is hoping that the holiday time will also boost its sales. Third quarter results were down 30% compared to last year, but as MME found out, CEO, Michael Kowalski believes that the Middle East could boost the company's prospects.