02:48 - Source: CNN
How eagle-snatches-baby vid was made

The saying, “too strange to be true” certainly applies to a video created by three students in their fifth semester at Centre NAD in Canada. Normand Archambault, Loïc Mireault and Félix Marquis-Poulin created a video depicting an eagle snatching a toddler in a Montreal park that went viral on YouTube with over 10 million views. The video which took the students 400 hours to create fooled a lot of people but several were able to figure out the video was a hoax created by using computer-generated images. This morning Archambault and Marquis-Poulin join “Starting Point” to discuss the hoax and all the attention it has received.

Marquis-Poulin says he and his classmates researched favorite subjects on YouTube and “came out with animals and babies,” which gave them the idea of an eagle catching a baby. Archambault says the point of the project was that they had to “integrate computer generated images into real footage.” He adds the first part of the project was building the “geometry of the model” which meant building the baby and the eagle in 3D. Archambault says the next step was rigging it, “making a bone system for both of them… shaping them and add texture” and then integrated it” within the computer to make the final product.