Senator John Barrasso sees progress in today's "Plan B" vote



    Barrasso sees progress in today's vote


Barrasso sees progress in today's vote 06:14

There are only 12 days left until the country reaches the fiscal cliff and we still don’t have a decision. Today the House Republicans will vote on Speaker Boehner’s “Plan B.”

Senator John Barrasso, Republican from Wyoming, tells Soledad what he sees for the country’s future.
He says, “53 democrats have already voted to support that in the senate earlier this year so I think it’s wrong for the president to say he’s going to veto it. It’s an opportunity to make permanent the lower tax rates for 99% of Americans. So, I think the House as leader Boehner said, will pass it today.”
The failure to reach a compromise has been surrounded by all sorts of rumors involving taxes. Senator Barrasso explains the House’s, as well as his, main goal with Plan B as, “I think we shouldn’t raise taxes on anyone. But, if we can make permanent these lower tax rates for 99% of all Americans, I think that’s a responsible thing to do and the president ought to embrace it.”