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Van Hollen: GOP running away from table

Although the nation’s attention has been focused elsewhere over the past few days, the country has continued to skid toward the fiscal cliff.

Speaker John Boehner is offering a “Plan B” that would raise taxes on people making more than a million dollars if a deal isn’t reached and President Obama has raised his tax hike threshold from incomes of $250,000 to $400,000.

Maryland Democrat Rep. Chris Van Hollen joins Starting Point this morning to discuss the various proposals, calling the GOP’s “Plan B,” “another effort by Speaker Boehner to minimize the impact on high-income earners.”

Van Hollen calls Obama’s willingness to put changes to Social Security on the negotiating table “an indication of how far [he’s] been willing to go to try and meet Republicans halfway,” remarking that after Obama made this concession, “Republicans  [ran] away from the negotiating table to try this other thing.”

“Speaker Boehner is not able to get the very extreme Tea Party members of his caucus to go along,” Rep. Van Hollen says. “People who are way out of mainstream are running the show and dictating terms in the House of Representatives.”

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Van Hollen explains 'chained-CPI'