03:47 - Source: CNN
Mother of shooting survivor on tragedy

As the Newtown families continue to grieve, victims and survivors who have experienced past shootings are trying to offer comfort and demand change to prevent future killings.

A group of these supporters joined Mayor Bloomberg yesterday to call for immediate and national action on gun control.

Lori Haas, the mother of a Virginia Tech shooting survivor and an advocate with the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, joins John Berman today on Starting Point to discuss her gun control efforts and to explain how she reacted to the news of Friday’s shooting, which she says vacillated between “nausea and anger.”

“My anger is directly at elected leaders,” Haas explains. “I find it appalling that we have allowed the gun lobby to lead the debate on policies regarding public safety. I believe that our public safety officials and law enforcement should be leading the discussion and leading the way on the policies we enact… We hold the moral authority and our elected leaders need to listen to us.”