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Can Instagram sell your photos?

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NEW: Instagram backtracks on controversial privacy language

Language appeared to let the app sell users' images for advertising

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's wedding photographer called it unfair

NEW: Instagram co-founder: "It is not our intention to sell your photos"

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Faced with a loud and angry backlash from some of its most active users, photo-sharing app Instagram backtracked Tuesday on new language that appeared to give the company ownership of their images.

“The language we proposed … raised question about whether your photos can be part of an advertisement,” Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom wrote in a blog post. “We do not have plans for anything like this and because of that we’re going to remove the language that raised the question.”

An update Monday to Instagram’s terms of service had stated that data collected through the app can be shared with Facebook. That’s not a surprising move, considering Facebook paid an estimated $1 billion for the photo-sharing service earlier this year.

But the language that upset some of the app’s more than 100 million users said that “a business or other entity may pay” Instagram for the use of user images and may do so “without any compensation to you.”

That didn’t sit well with some – including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s wedding photographer.