04:24 - Source: CNN
Glickman: Obama should address nation

With just 18 days to go until massive tax hikes and spending cuts are triggered, America is inching closer and closer to the edge of the fiscal cliff.

In an article for The Huffington Post, former Democratic Congressman Dan Glickman argues that President Obama should schedule an address before a joint session of Congress to explain the various dynamics of the fiscal cliff negotiations and provide the country with “a teachable moment.”

Glickman elaborates on this suggestion on Starting Point this morning, saying, “Somebody has to articulate the significance of what have we’re talking about to the American people so they understand it, and it has to be done in a nonpolitical, nonpartisan way… I don’t think the American people really understand what’s going on there, other than Washington seems to be at its games again like it played before the election. Only the president has the bully pulpit.”

Echoing a John Kennedy speech, Glickman says, “Somebody has to ask the American people, the wealthy and others as well, the whole society, whether they’re willing to sacrifice for the good of the country and to maintain America’s strength in its economy around the world,” Glickman says. “So far, this has been an inside Washington debate.”