03:46 - Source: CNN
Critic reveals 12 shows that changed TV

On Thursday, the nominees for the 70th annual Golden Globe Awards were announced and like any year there are some surprises and snubs. This morning TV critic and blogger Alan Sepinwall, of “What’s Alan Watching” joins “Starting Point” to weigh in on some of the best Television shows and how the past 15 years of TV have transformed TV viewing. Sepinwall is also the author of a new book titled “The Revolution Was Televised.”

Sepinwall says, “The TV dramas on cable in particular over the last 15 years have replaced the kinds of movies that adults used expect to see.” He adds, “Now the movies are just blockbusters and really really low budget art films and not a whole lot in between.” As a result Sepinwall says viewers who are looking to indulge themselves in serious dramas will most likely look to HBO, FX, AMC and SHOWTIME.

When it comes to broadcast shows like “Lost”, “Friday Night Lights” and “24”, Sepinwall says “the threshold is higher and you have to attract a certain audience.” He adds that “Lone Star” was “FOX’s attempt to do an AMC style show’ but was cancelled after two episodes because it lacked the appropriate amount of viewers.

When asked what show he would chose for the best television series of all time, Sepinwall says, “it was either ‘The Sopranos or The Wire.’” Sepinwall says “The Sopranos” ending was “certainly talked about the most of any television series ever.”

With more and more viewers navigating towards watching their favorite TV shows online, Sepinwall says one drawback is that networks and other TV facets might not have the money to produce these kinds of shows. On the other hand, he says newer businesses like Netflix are starting to produce their own shows which is “their attempt to be the next HBO.”