Arlington High School womens' basketball team and their coach on losing a game by 105 points

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exp point basketball team loses_00001127


    Was basketball blowout unfair?


Was basketball blowout unfair? 02:44

The final score of 107 to 2 at a girl’s high school basketball game in Indiana has a lot of people mystified this morning. On Tuesday, The Bloomington South's Lady Panthers defeated the Arlington High School's Golden Knights. The Knights however is a team made up of a lot of young girls who have never played on a varsity team before and as a result people have been asking if they should have gotten a break. This morning the team joins “Starting Point” with their coach Ebony Jackson to discuss the game.

Jackson says after her team lost the game everyone was in shock the next morning. She adds, “it’s a humbling experience,” but overall she and her team feel blessed because they have each other and the opportunity to “go back to the grind on the basketball court the next morning.”
Briella Tomlinson, a freshman Arlington High School basketball player says the game “was a struggle because not everyone on the team has played before.” Tomlinson adds the game was, “more competitive because [the other team] played longer than most of us.”
When asked if the mercy rule should have been put into play Jackson says she does not see it that way. She says, “I do not believe in the mercy rule. I just believe in character and this is the game of basketball and I believe that all rules and regulations should stay the same.”