Gov. Markell: South Koreans 'don't seem all that worried' about North Korea rocket launch

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exp Point Jack Markell _00002001


    Gov. Markell talks tour through Asia


Gov. Markell talks tour through Asia 03:54

After years of failed attempts, North Korea successfully launched a satellite into orbit yesterday, triggering worries among world leaders about nuclear weapons and the ambitions of Pyongyang's new leader, Kim Jong Un.

Gov. Jack Markell joins Starting Point from South Korea this morning to discuss the fiscal cliff and to explain how South Koreans are reacting to their northern neighbor's aggressive act.
"The amazing thing here in South Korea is that even with the rocket launch, folks here are working, they're building. They're thriving. They're focused and they're building their economy," Markell says. "There's actually been relatively little conversation and they don't seem all that worried. I think they believe the foreigners that are here are a lot more worried than they are."
Gov. Markell also discusses the efforts he's taking to bring business from Asia to the United States and his state of Delaware.
    "One of the great benefits these days is the falling price of natural gas across the country," Markell explains. "It means that businesses who previously may not have looked to do something in the United States are looking once again at the U.S. because the cost of doing business, thanks to energy costs, is coming down."