Japan under reconstruction

Updated 1:18 AM ET, Fri December 14, 2012
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Elderly residents huddle against the cold on benches outside their temporary housing estate in Ishinomaki, the Tohoku region of Japan, in March 2012. They're among hundreds of thousands of people waiting for the government to build them new homes more than one year after the earthquake and tsunami. Alex Zolbert/CNN
A damaged house in Ishinomaki remains abandoned, one year after the tsunami. Some survivors don't think the election of a new prime minister will speed up reconstruction plans. Others fear it will cause more delays. Alex Zolbert/CNN
A neighborhood in Ishinomaki leveled by the tsunami is pictured one year after the disaster, on March 2012. Alex Zolbert/CNN
In Minamisanriku, one of the hardest-hit towns along the coast, a car remains marooned on the roof of a building, one year after the tsunami.
Kessenuma, a ship that was carried more than 500 meters inland, still remains marooned in this image from March 2012. Alex Zolbert/CNN