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Rep. Israel: No news may be good news

Lawmakers in Washington have been silent about fiscal cliff negotiations as President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner continue to engage in closed door meetings to work out a deal.

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair Rep. Steve Israel weighs in on the quiet on Capitol Hill on Starting Point this morning.

“Nothing is certain, but in this case I think that whispering in the White House is better than finger pointing in the media,” Rep. Israel says. “No news may be good news in this case.”

The New York Democrat also explains his support for limiting crop subsidies and responds to Republican demands for entitlement reform as a part of a savings plan in the potential fiscal cliff package.

“Lets remember that we already passed and effectuated into law nearly $1 trillion in savings ion the Budget Control Act last year. That ought to count toward this deal,” Rep. Israel says. “What I fundamentally disagree with in terms of the Republican proposal is that they want to do it out of the benefits side of entitlements… We will not negotiate the end of Medicare and Social Security.”

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Rep. Israel: All subsidies on table