Actor Frankie Muniz, 27, recovers from 'mini-stroke': 'Until something happens, you really don't expect it'



    Frankie Muniz talks 'mini-stroke'


Frankie Muniz talks 'mini-stroke' 03:20

Actor, racer and musician Frankie Muniz comes to “Starting Point” with a harrowing tale of a recent health scare.

Just two weeks ago, the former “Malcolm in the Middle” started feeling strange while riding his motorcycle when he noticed he'd lost vision in one eye. After that, he was having trouble understanding words, and his fiancée noticed that he couldn't speak properly. A visit to the hospital revealed that he had suffered a mini-stroke. Muniz turned 27 just last week and shares his story of recovery this morning.
Muniz had worked out earlier that morning and felt perfectly healthy until the symptoms came on during his motorcycle ride. “Personally, I felt invincible,” Muniz says. “Until something happens, you really don’t expect it.”
Muniz and his doctors are still uncertain what caused the mini-stroke. "[I've] never had a drink of alcohol," Muniz says. Drugs? "I've never even been near them."
    But Muniz admits extreme stress may be a factor. "I can say that is the one thing in my life that I do need to work on."