"My Year on Twitter" lets users see, among other things, their most popular tweet. CNN Tech's? The death of "Mr. Trololo."

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New Twitter tool lets users see their top tweets, interactions of 2012

"My Year on Twitter" was created by Vizify for the site's year-end roundup

President Obama's "Four more years" tweet was the site's most-shared in its history

Pope, Pele and Betty White are among the celebrities who joined Twitter in 2012

CNN  — 

You may already know that President Barack Obama’s “Four more years” was the top post on Twitter in 2012.

But what was yours?

As part of its annual year-end roundup, the micro-blogging site is for the first time letting users look back to see their own activity, from their most-shared tweet to their most-used words and even their “Golden Follower.”

The tool “My Year on Twitter,” created by social data aggregators Vizify, collects tweets since January to rank users’ activity.

“Every day, we’re amazed and humbled by the many ways in which people use Twitter, which range from simply retweeting to igniting conversations with hashtags (even around lesser-known topics) to sharing spectacular and far-flung views,” Twitter editorial director Karen Wickre wrote in a blog post.

In addition to letting users see their most shared tweet and the follower who has interacted with them the most, the feature shows the 10 words users employed most often. It also lets users scroll through a timeline of their 2012 tweets.

The feature is a personal twist on what’s become a yearly tradition for Twitter: rounding up the most high-profile uses of the site.

Obama’s post-election tweet, featuring a photo of him and first lady Michelle Obama hugging, was retweeted more than 810,000 times and “favorited” more than 300,000. It became the most retweeted post in the site’s history.

Other top tweets included teen pop idol Justin Bieber’s tribute to a 6-year-old fan who died of brain cancer and a profane screed by Green Bay Packers offensive lineman T.J. Lang after a controversial call by one of the NFL’s replacement referees helped lead to a loss for his team.

The site’s most popular hashtag was #nowplaying, used to talk about music, with #oomf (short for “one of my followers”) coming in second.

#NFL was the top sports term, “Family Guy” topped the TV list and rapper Rick Ross was No. 1 among music tweets. (Shockingly, Twitter darling Bieber didn’t make the Top 10.)

The site also listed some of the most influential people who joined the site in 2012, from actress Betty White to rocker Neil Young to soccer legend Pele and Pope Benedict XVI.