"Dangerous Grounds" host & coffee adventurer Todd Carmichael spills the beans: 'the best…Ethiopia'



    Coffee adventures in 'Dangerous Grounds'


Coffee adventures in 'Dangerous Grounds' 03:15

In the Travel Channel’s new series, "Dangerous Grounds", host Todd Carmichael travels to some of the most dangerous regions of the world in search of the most exotic and perfect coffee beans. His travels have put him in some life threatening situations in perilous and fascinating places around the world like Haiti, Madagascar and Bolivia.

Coffee producer and adventurer Todd Carmichael has been described as the "Indiana Jones" of the coffee world. He comes to the studio to spill the beans.
"The best, it's fair for me to say, it depends on your taste buds," Carmichael says. "But if you ask me what the best is," he answers, "it's Ethiopia. Ethiopia is the motherland of all coffees."