Evacuation to end for Louisiana town near gunpowder site

Story highlights

  • Officials say about one-third of the gunpowder safely moved after six days
  • About 800 residents of Doyline have been under evacuation orders since late last week
  • About 6 million pounds of gunpowder were found after explosion in October
The Louisiana State Patrol will lift a voluntary evacuation order Friday for residents in the small town of Doyline, near where massive amounts of gunpowder were found, officials with the agency said.
The evacuation order will end at noon (1 p.m. ET) for the town where authorities found 6 million pounds (2,700 metric tons) of gunpowder improperly stored at Camp Minden, a Louisiana National Guard training site.
In a written statement. state police said about 2.2 million pounds (997 metric tons) have been moved to safer areas over the past six days.
Some of the residents left their homes Friday. The end of the evacuation order coincides with the time workers moving the gunpowder will quit for the weekend.
Louisiana State Police said the M6 smokeless gunpowder was found during a follow-up inspection after an October 15 blast at Explo Systems, Inc. The explosive materials were found "in the open and in other unapproved locations" on property leased by Explo, police said.
According to Explo's website, the company's management members have been demilitarizing and recovering explosives and propellant for more than 15 years.
Doyline has about 800 residents.