02:59 - Source: CNN
'Reporting the Revolutionary War'

Most Americans learn about the Revolutionary War through textbooks, movies and the occasional “history channel” documentary, but in Todd Andrlik’s, “Reporting the Revolutionary War,” Americans can now see a different side of the birth of our country, as it was reported in real-time by the journalists of the day.

Author Todd Andrlik is the curator of Raglinen.com, an online historical archive of newspapers dating back to the sixteenth century. He says the purpose of his book is to “invert the traditional history book and provide full color access to the original newspapers that were the only mass media of the day.”

Andrlik adds that the newspaper editorials were extremely powerful because they “fanned the flames of rebellion and sustained loyalty to the cause throughout the war.” He believes, like many historians, that “without newspapers, there would have been no American Revolution.”