An Oregon Couple shares their story after they were trapped in car crushed by a fallen tree

exp point natelborg tree_00013913
exp point natelborg tree_00013913


    Couple escapes tree that crushed car


Couple escapes tree that crushed car 02:55

In Canby, Oregon a husband and wife were trapped in a car in their driveway after a tree fell on their vehicle. The 100-foot tall fir tree ended up crushing the roof and shattering the front windshield. Somehow, the couple inside the car survived and escaped relatively unharmed. Chris Natelborg who was in the driver's seat of that car suffered a fractured shoulder, while his wife Tymona walked away with barely a scratch. This morning the couple joins “Starting Point,” to share their story.

Mr. Natelborg says, “We had just pulled up and were parked sitting in the car and we heard the sound of just like a tree blowing in the wind but then we saw the tree in front of us to our left coming at us and we hardly had time to react.” Mr. Natelborg adds that he and his wife “just instinctively got down as low as [they] could.”
Mrs. Natelborg says the tree “fell pretty quickly” but once it had fallen, “it was nice to be able to talk with Chris and be able to …talk to each other about not having any injuries and pull out my phone and call 911.”
Mr. Natelborg adds, that he was later told the paramedics when arriving on the scene, “were probably more nervous than we were.”