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Brand new UAL Boeing 787 diverts to Newark

United cites mechanical problem, but does not offer specifics

Dreamliner highly touted for fuel efficiency, lightweight construction

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A United Airlines 787 Dreamliner en route from Houston to Newark diverted to New Orleans on Tuesday due to a mechanical issue with the new aircraft, the airline said.

United did not offer any details on what caused Flight 1146 to detour, but the jetliner with 174 passengers and 10 crew landed safely at Louis B. Armstrong International Airport.

Passengers were placed on another plane to Newark, United said.

United spokeswoman Christen David said the carrier would review the diversion and work with Boeing, the plane’s manufacturer, to find out what occurred. The plane remained in New Orleans.

After years of manufacturing delays and cost overruns, the Dreamliner made its international debut last year.

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Boeing unveils new 787 Dreamliner

United is the first U.S. carrier to fly the $200 million jet that has been touted for its fuel efficiency, innovative and lightweight construction and long-haul capabilities.