04:47 - Source: CNN
Carlos Gutierrez on fiscal cliff

Carlos Gutierrez, the former Commerce Secretary under President George W. Bush, joins “Starting Point” on Monday to discuss the impending fiscal cliff, arguing that the stakes of the cliff are more significant than increasing revenue in the short-term.

“The big picture is more than just the fiscal cliff,” Gutierrez says. “This is about the debt. It’s about the fiscal deficit. It’s about our economy. It’s about our future.”

Gutierrez criticizes President Obama, who he says is “playing a very risky game,” for making the fiscal cliff talks tax-focused. “This is the biggest deal in this presidency,” the former secretary of commerce argues. “Why doesn’t he explain to people why we have to do something about expenses, about Medicare, about entitlement, that they’re going to go broke in ten years?”

“I think we’ve got to stop playing poker, work together, and understand that we’re working to save the country,” he adds.