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NEW: 3 are dead at two "separate crime scenes," police say

NEW: They were killed by "a sharp-edged weapon," according to authorities

Police got a call soon after 9 a.m. about "traumatic injury" on the Casper College campus

The suspect is among those 3 killed, one of whom is a college faculty member

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“I’ve been a college administrator for about 40 years, (and) I can say without a doubt this is the worst day of my career,” said college President Walter Nolte.

According to a statement from the Casper police, “there were no firearms involved in the crime, and the victim’s injuries were caused by a sharp-edged weapon.” It was not immediately clear how the three people – one of whom as a faculty member at Casper College – were killed.

Police Chief Chris Walsh did not immediately identify the three dead but said one was a woman and two were men, including the suspect. All of them knew each other, he added.

Authorities got their first call shortly after 9 a.m. MT (11 a.m. ET) about “a traumatic injury on the campus of Casper College.” About 33 law enforcement officers from various agencies arrived within minutes, according to Walsh.

Casper College subsequently went on lockdown, as did the Natrona County Schools, as authorities tried to ascertain what happened.

As they investigated, authorities found the three bodies at “two separate crime scenes.”

“There is no one at large, and there’s no threat of violence or anything like that,” Walsh told reporters early Friday afternoon.

The police chief said the suspect was not a current Casper College student, although he didn’t elaborate or explain how the three dead knew each other. Walsh did say “the suspect appeared to be completely alone.”