American singer Jennifer Lopez performs in Shanghai, China, last Saturday.

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Promoter: Dancer's clothes will cover men's chests, women's cleavage

Sexual dance moves will have to resemble laughs, promoter adds

Near-sellout concert comes nearly six months after Lady Gaga canceled Jakarta show

Lopez to perform in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Sunday

CNN  — 

Singer Jennifer Lopez, famous for her revealing outfits, is expected to take a more modest approach when she hits the stage this weekend in Indonesia and Malaysia – both Islamic countries.

“She’ll have to cover up a little bit,” said Chairi Ibrahim, project manager for Dyandra Promosindo, one of the promoters for the Jakarta show of the “Dance Again World Tour” on Friday.

She and all the dancers must wear clothes that don’t show men’s chests or women’s cleavage, and sexual dance moves will have to resemble laughs as opposed to “making love,” he added. Some women will wear black ties, he said, based on photos he’s seen.

The adjustments are in keeping with informal rules that make the concert “suitable for Indonesia” and will satisfy the local government, Muslim Indonesians and clerics, Ibrahim said, adding that he spoke with many parties.

The near-sellout concert comes nearly six months after Lady Gaga was forced to cancel her sold-out show in Jakarta amid an uproar by Islamic hardliners against her costumes and dance moves.

Ibrahim said that Lopez’s case was different because “people know her from ‘American Idol,’” where she’d been a judge, and saw her as a “normal girl,” while Indonesian clerics deemed Gaga’s lyrics as “not very good to youngsters.”

Lopez is to perform in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Sunday.

On her website, a Malaysian fan (“Yusrizal Hamzah”) expressed concern in September over whether strict rules for women might cause a “last-minute cancellation,” citing a canceled Beyonce concert in 2009 as an example. “Please J.lo! Malaysian fans want u here!” he wrote.

After Kuala Lumpur, Lopez will perform in Singapore and then Australia.