Police allege Ronald S. Catt, right, and son Hayden Scott Catt robbed a bank and that daughter Abigail Catt drove for them.
Police allege Ronald S. Catt, right, and son Hayden Scott Catt robbed a bank and that daughter Abigail Catt drove for them.
PHOTO: Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office/KHOU

Story highlights

Two men in vests -- one in a fake mustache, another in a painter's mask -- rob a bank

Police say they are father and son, and allege a daughter drove the getaway car

Detectives: The family bought the distinctive orange traffic vests at a nearby Home Depot

Authorities believe the family may be responsible for 7 bank robberies, 5 in Oregon

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The family that robs banks together stays together.

That’s what southeastern Texas authorities allege about a father, son and daughter, tying them to a pair of bank robberies in that state and possibly five others in their native Oregon.

Now, weeks after those heists occurred, the three suspects are in the Fort Bend County Jail.

In a press release issued Friday, the Fort Bend County, Texas, Sheriff’s Office identified the three as 50-year-old Ronald Scott Catt, his 20-year-old son Hayden Scott Catt and his 18-year-old daughter Abigail “Abby” Catt.

Before their arrests, authorities concluded they’d seen the father and son before – in disguise – in surveillance video shot October 1 in and around the 1st Community Credit Union in Katy.

The footage shows a younger man with a fake mustache and an older one in a painter’s mask, with both wearing dark sunglasses, hats and orange traffic vests that had an “X” on the back.

Other images, released by local authorities to media, showed the two suspects pointing small guns inside the bank and emptying cash out of a vault.

After that robbery, detectives went to a Home Depot near the sheriff’s office and found the distinctive orange vests.

They followed up a short time later by going to another Home Depot about 14 miles north in Katy, near where detectives found stolen license plates between the October 1 robbery and one in August in nearby Harris County. The two male suspects in the latter robbery wore painter outfits and masks.

“While viewing videotapes at the checkout counters, they identified Hayden and Abby Catt purchasing the vests with their father’s debit card,” the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office said. “Ronald Catt was later identified purchasing a painter’s mask.”

Ronald and Hayden Scott Catt were arrested November 9 at a Katy apartment and subsequently were ordered held on $140,000 bail. Abigail Catt – who police say was the getaway driver in the October 1 bank heist – was taken into custody later that day, with her bond set at $100,000.

Following interviews with the suspects, Fort Bend detectives notified authorities in Oregon – where the Catt family is originally from – as they “believe the suspects may be connected to five bank robbery cases in the Portland … area,” the sheriff’s office said.