Eco building design in the Gulf

Updated 11:44 PM ET, Wed January 1, 2014
al baharal bahar
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Sections of the screens surrounding Al Bahar Towers are computer-controlled to respond to the sun's movement, unfolding like umbrellas when the sun hits them. Courtesy of Aedas
The north sides of the buildings never receive direct sunlight and are left unshaded by the screens. Courtesy of Aedas
The shading system was inspired by "mashrabiya," latticed screens commonly seen in Islamic architecture. Courtesy of Aedas
The Doha Tower in Qatar is covered entirely in a latticed screen. Courtesy of HBS
Its screen uses a multi-layered pattern constructed of aluminum and glass. Courtesy of HBS
In Masdar City, a 45-meter-tall wind tower helps regulate air temperatures in the public square by controlling air movement. Courtesy of Masdar City
The Masdar Institute campus features a latticed motif on its building. Courtesy of Masdar City