Photos: Inside the churches of Charles and Andy Stanley

Updated 12:00 PM ET, Sat November 17, 2012
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Andy Stanley confers with his father, Charles, at First Baptist Church Atlanta, while Andy's son, Garrett, and his nephew, Matthew, wait on the side. Andy's birthday tribute to his father that afternoon would bring the elder Stanley to tears. Raymond McCrea Jones/CNN
Charles Stanley took over the First Baptist Church Atlanta after a vicious internal battle that culminated in a man assaulting Stanley. The church, pictured here, is now one of the largest Baptist churches in the nation, with an estimated 15,000 members. Raymond McCrea Jones/CNN
Charles Stanley cries as First Baptist Church Atlanta members honor him for his 80th birthday, while his only son, Andy, stands at his side. To honor his father that day, Andy did something remarkable when he walked onstage to preach -- he wore a suit and tie. The congregation cheered when Andy pointed to his tie. Raymond McCrea Jones/CNN
Visitors to First Baptist Church Atlanta stand in front of a birthday cake model honoring Charles Stanley, the church's senior pastor. Stanley, whose televised broadcasts from First Baptist are beamed across the globe, was one of the first pastors to recognize the power of radio and television. Raymond McCrea Jones/CNN
A child lines up with a group of children at First Baptist Church Atlanta, carrying a book written by Charles Stanley. Each child carried one book representing the 45 books written by Stanley during his career. They placed the book on a shelf in front of the sanctuary. Raymond McCrea Jones/CNN
Chairs fill the large main sanctuary at North Point Community Church, where Andy Stanley is the senior pastor. The church helped pioneer a new way of worshipping that used contemporary Christian music, stage lights, video skits and visual props during sermons. Raymond McCrea Jones/CNN
Churchgoers wait outside the entrance to First Baptist Church Atlanta on a recent Sunday morning. Service began at 9 a.m. but people began lining up at 7:30 a.m. The church is Southern Baptist but its appeal transcends denominational and racial lines. Raymond McCrea Jones/CNN
The children's area at Andy Stanley's North Point Community Church. North Point's ability to attract youth is so respected that church leaders across the nation buy North Point books and attend seminars to learn how to reach young people the North Point way. Raymond McCrea Jones/CNN
Is it a church? North Point Community Church doesn't look like a church because it's not supposed to. As part of his desire to reach people who typically don't attend church, Andy Stanley tried to create a physical environment that did not look like a traditional church. Raymond McCrea Jones/CNN
A technician at First Baptist Church Atlanta prepares to celebrate the 80th birthday of Charles Stanley, the church's senior pastor. Stanley was a church innovator, one of the first pastors to install an orchestra in a church. His embrace of technology helped spread his reputation. Raymond McCrea Jones/CNN
Andy Stanley's books fill the shelves at North Point Community Church's bookstore. Stanley's books, which often center on self-help and leadership themes, are so popular that even some non-Christians purchase them for tips on leading organizations. Raymond McCrea Jones/CNN
The congregation at First Baptist Church Atlanta is transfixed as they watch a video presentation of Charles Stanley's life. Stanley was twice elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention. He groomed his son, Andy, to be his heir apparent but a rift developed between the two. The two have since reconciled. Raymond McCrea Jones/CNN
A portrait of Charles Stanley greets visitors to First Baptist Church Atlanta. Stanley's divorce led to calls for his resignation, but Stanley refused to step down, saying he answered to a higher authority. Raymond McCrea Jones/CNN