Fuel train derails, explodes in Myanmar, leaving 25 dead

Story highlights

  • A train hauling fuel from Mandalay, Myanmar, overturned near Kanbalu township
  • Three cars caught fire, killing 25 people
  • The injured were take to area hospitals
A train hauling fuel in northwest Myanmar derailed and caught fire, killing at least 25 people and injuring 62, goverment officials said Saturday.
The accident occurred Friday morning when a train traveling from Mandalay overturned near the Chet-gyi rail station in the Kanbalu township, near the Myanmar-India border, the Ministry of Information said. The train was hauling seven cars containing gasoline and two cars containing diesel.
When the cars overturned, several began to leak. The 25 people killed were "fetching petrol" from the derailed train cars when three of them caught fire, state-run New Light of Myanmar reported.
Those killed were all from the village of Chet-gyi, though it was unclear whether they were civilians, rescue personnel or a mix of both.
The injured were take to area hospitals in Kanbalu and Kyunhla townships, according to the news agency.
The incident was under investigation.
Myanmar, also known as Burma, only recently emerged out from under nearly 50 years of a brutal military dictatorship.