Actress Brooke D'Orsay will star as the love interest of  Ashton Kutcher's character.

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Brooke D'Orsay has appeared on "Royal Pains"

She will play Kate on "Two and a Half Men"

She has also appeared on "Drop Dead Diva" and "Gary Unmarried"

CNN  — 

Ashton Kutcher’s latest love interest on “Two and Half Men” is from USA’s “Royal Pains”.

Canadian actress Brooke D’Orsay has landed the role of Kate, a woman who works at a discount superstore. In an upcoming episode, Kutcher’s Walden Schmidt is shopping at a budget-conscious outlet in an attempt to come off like an Average Joe so that women will like him for who he is, and not for his wealth. Kate is a potentially recurring guest star role on the CBS hit.

In addition to playing Paige Collins on the USA Network series, D’Orsay had an arc on Lifetime’s “Drop Dead Diva” and was on CBS’ “Gary Unmarried”. TV nostalgia factoid: She was the “Nestea Girl” in the best known of the long running Nestea Plunge commercial campaigns.

“Two and a Half Men” has typically dominated its time slot when paired with “Big Bang Theory” on Thursday nights this fall.

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