California fails to pass genetically modified foods labeling initiative

Proposition 37 would have enforced labeling of genetically modified foods known as GMOs.

Story highlights

  • The debate over Proposition 37 became political in recent months
  • Supporters argue citizens have the right to know what's in their food
  • Opponents say it would stigmatize foods evidence shows are not harmful
At every election, California's ballot is filled with initiatives, but none received more attention this year than Proposition 37.
After the polls closed, Prop 37 -- also known as the "Right To Know" initiative to require labeling of foods that have been genetically modified -- failed to pass. If approved, California would have been the first state to require such labeling for foods sold in the state, and would have prohibited products containing genetically modified ingredients to be labeled or marketed as "natural."
Although the issue was ostensibly about food, the debate over Prop 37 quickly became political