ABC's "666 Park Avenue" starring Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams has suffered a ratings drop.
ABC's "666 Park Avenue" starring Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams has suffered a ratings drop.

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After a flurry of cancellations and pickups, networks haven't made any big moves

Several new broadcast shows are awaiting their fate

They hope to receive the back nine full-season order and keep going

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UPDATED 11/7 It’s been quiet. Too quiet. After a flurry of cancellations (Made in Jersey, Animal Practice) and pickups (Go On, Vegas, Elementary), networks haven’t made any big moves the last few days. But that’s about to change. There’s several new broadcast shows that are approaching production on their 13th episode and are still awaiting word on whether they’re going to receive the coveted back nine full-season order and keep going — or shut down. This is what we know, what we’re hearing and … what we suspect.

In order of season-to-date performance in the adult demo including DVR:

Revolution (NBC) 13.5 million, 5.4 adults 18-49 rating

Status: Full-season order and deservedly so — the NBC lights-out drama is kicking butt on Monday night. Ratings have dipped recently, but it’s still ruling at 10.

Elementary (CBS) 14.2 million, 3.5

Status: Everybody deduced this crime drama would get a full-season order, and now it earned CBS’ post-Super Bowl spot. We can only hope the special airing won’t have, say, Sherlock Holmes investigating the death of a pro football player.

Go On (NBC) 8.7 million, 3.4

Status: Full season order. Matthew Perry has the strongest new fall comedy and owes plenty to its Voice lead-in on Tuesdays.

Nashville (ABC) 9.6 million, 3.2

Status: Struggling creatively to find its footing after a great pilot. Ratings have been a disappointment, but we suspect ABC will let this show continue to play.

The Mindy Project (Fox) 5.2 million, 2.8

Status: Earned a back nine pickup from Fox and an order for two more episodes.

The New Normal (NBC) 6.6 million, 2.7

Status: Full season order.

Vegas (CBS) 14 million, 2.6

Status: Full season order.

The Last Resort (ABC) 9.4 million, 2.5

Status: Shawn Ryan’s submarine drama will probably see a full season. The ratings aren’t great, but it seems to be helping Grey’s Anatomy at 9, and the net may be reluctant to remove this Jenga piece from its Thursday lineup.

Chicago Fire (NBC) 8 million, 2.4

Status: The cheesy firefighter soap came on with extremely low expectations … and is pretty much meeting them. NBC’s been generous with low performers in recent years, so maybe the network’s overall improvement this fall will raise the ball to give this show a chance.

Partners (CBS) 6.7 million, 2.4

Status: It’s pulling a higher number than competing comedies that have received full-season pickups. But it’s the weakest link on CBS’ popular Monday block. All 13 might air, but we suspect the suits are thinking they can do better. (And, they can).

Malibu County (ABC) 9.1 million, 2.3

Status: Based on its strong debut on a tough night last Friday, this broad comedy has an excellent shot of going the distance this season.

666 Park Ave (ABC) 6.3 million, 2.2

Status: Terry O’Quinn’s supernatural drama should soon learn its fate. Given its recent ratings drops, and that ABC has two solid dramas ready to go for midseason, 666 is probably going straight to hell. (Oh no we didn’t just say that. Oh yes we did!)

The Neighbors (ABC) 7.3 million, 2.2

Status: Full season order. Yeah, we know. We’re vexed about it, too.

Guys With Kids (NBC) 5.4 million, 1.9

Status: NBC will probably wait to see how GWK does when paired with the return of another bland broad comedy, Whitney, that starts next week.

Ben and Kate (Fox) 3.8 million, 1.8

Status: Back six order despite very low ratings.

The Mob Doctor (Fox) 5.1 million, 1.6

Status: Fox plans to run all 13, but will want to start fresh next year with something else.

Animal Practice (NBC) 4.86 million, 1.5

Status: Canceled after four episodes; sets back efforts to represent primates in prime time.

Arrow (CW) 4.4 million, 1.5

Status: Full season pickup. The most-watched CW premiere since the start of The Vampire Diaries.

Made in Jersey (CBS) 8 million, 1.1 Cancelled after three episodes.

Beauty and the Beast (CW) 2.6 million, 1.0

Status: Will probably squeak into a full season.

Emily Owens M.D. (The CW) (1.7 million, 0.5)

Status: Code Blue! Code Blue! Crash cart!

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